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White Room

Darren Greewood

I inspire my English students to learn. I want my classroom to be a positive environment where everyone can speak out and ask questions. I believe education can alter lives, and I offer my students a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom.

With a passion for helping others to achieve their goals, I provide constructive feedback, motivational classes, and plenty of practice so students feel accomplished after every class.



Selkirk College, Canada

Associate's Degree in

Ski Resort Management

University OTP, USA

Bachelor's Degree in

Business Administration


TEFL Graduate, UK

TEFL Certificate

IELTS Training, Australia

Online IELTS Teacher Training Certificate


EIGOX - Japan

1 year of online teaching experience

Preply - USA

4 years of online teaching experience

Classgap - Spain

2 years of online teaching experience

EnglishWD - Canada

3 years of online teaching experience and business management

Top Teaching Skills




Active listening


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