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Meet Darren.

You are welcome to visit my English class, a space where ideas flourish and learning is continuous. I am committed to creating a positive and respectful environment where every opinion is valued and questions are encouraged. I firmly believe that education can transform lives, and I strive to instill a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom.


With a dedication to fostering success, I offer more than lessons; I provide a journey of growth and learning. My approach includes constructive feedback, stimulating discussions, and ample practice opportunities, enabling students to reach their full potential and leave each class with a sense of accomplishment. Together, we pursue knowledge and self-improvement with passion, positivity, and a commitment to excellence.


Join me on this educational journey, where each lesson is a step towards a brighter, more promising future.

Darren G.


EIGOX - Japan

1 year of online teaching experience

Preply - USA

4 years of online teaching experience

Classgap - Spain

2 years of online teaching experience

EnglishWD - Canada

4 years of online teaching experience and business ownership

Top Teaching Skills




Active listening



Selkirk College, Canada

Associate's Degree in

Ski Resort Management

University OTP, USA

Bachelor's Degree in

Business Administration


TEFL Graduate, UK

TEFL Certificate

IELTS Training, Australia

Online IELTS Teacher Training Certificate

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