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My name is Darren Greenwood and I am the Founder & Head Teacher here at EnglishWD Academy. I provide more than your average English lesson. I teach my students specific skills that they can use in their everyday lives, work, business ventures, or living and travelling abroad.


All of my English classes teach students new vocabulary, writing techniques, reading comprehension and an array of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


My classes are perfect for people who want to improve their English and want to develop themselves personally and professionally. 


"I talked about how I’ve been struggling with business English at work, and he gave me a piece of advice that was super helpful. I would love to take his lecture again which would definitely improve my English skills effectively." - Mana Tanaka, ESL Student

Darren Greenwood English Teacher

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Online private English classes that teach you valuable business and life skills while you improve your English level.

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Our Classes Provide


Personalized Lesson Plans

This approach to teaching recognizes that not all students learn the same way or at the same pace, and therefore, teachers must adjust their teaching methods to better suit individual students.


Personalized lesson plans are tailored to each student's learning style, interests, and abilities.


Weekly Homework

Weekly homework is an essential part of a student's learning process. It helps them to reinforce the concepts taught in class and develop their skills.


Homework assignments can include reading, writing, problem-solving, research or any other exercises that are designed to enhance the learning experience.


Progress Tracking

Progress tracking is an essential aspect of achieving goals and maintaining motivation.


It allows individuals to keep track of their progress and see how far they have come since they started. We offer level tests to see how much you've improved after taking classes with us.


One-On-One tutoring

This approach offers personalized attention and a customized curriculum to meet the specific needs and goals of each student.


With individual coaching, students can focus on areas they struggle with, whether it be grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, or comprehension.


Your hard work &

our online classes 

It is the effort and dedication of our students that makes our online classes successful.


We believe that learning is a two-way street, and we are committed to providing the best possible resources and support to our students. 

Happy Students

What they're saying

All lessons are personalized and very easy to understand. Even if you don't understand something, Darren will teach you carefully until you understand it, and by the end, you will definitely understand.


Yuto - Japan

I've approached Darren to improve my IELTS score and I'm happy to say that I got a whopping 8.5 score on my exam! I can safely recommend Darren to any English learner at any level!


Konrad - Poland

 Best decision of my 2022 so far! Darren is an excellent tutor and an attentive, compassionate, and friendly person. He went beyond my expectations, helping me to get ready for a job interview.


Alkım - Turkey

English Classes and Courses

Online Classes

Classes & Courses

My classes are designed to be diverse and interactive, with a focus on developing the four core language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


The activities are designed to be peak students' interest and the virtual classroom is designed to help learners track their progress and stay motivated.

Everyday English


Everyday English

These classes provide students with the opportunity to improve their writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills in English on a daily basis.


By attending these classes regularly, students can practice their English skills with their teachers, which helps them to build confidence in their abilities.

Business English


Business English

Business English classes are becoming increasingly popular among professionals who want to improve their language skills for work-related purposes.


These classes are specifically designed to help individuals communicate effectively in the business world, whether it be for meetings, presentations, negotiations, or networking events.

IELTS Preparation


Exam Preparation: IELTS

These classes are specifically designed to help students prepare for the IELTS exam.


The classes cover a wide range of topics, including test-taking strategies, time management, and subject-specific content, speaking reading, writing, and listening.

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