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Business Consultation

Unlock global opportunities and enhance your team's communication skills with EnglishWD's Corporate Online English Classes. Our tailored programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring your staff gains confidence and fluency in English.

Contact us about our corporate classes and rates.

Investing in
Your Company's Future

Enhance Your Team's English Proficiency

Expert instructors develop customized lesson plans aligned with your industry and business needs.

Tailored Curriculum

Convenient class times designed to accommodate your team's diverse schedules.

Flexible Scheduling


Interactive Learning

Engaging and interactive online sessions that promote active participation and retention.

Proven Outcomes

Enhance productivity and unlock international opportunities with improved English proficiency.

Computer Keyboard
"Professional, polite and very knowledgeable about business subjects. We’ve been learning English with him for a few months now and can clearly see the improvement. He has a lot of patience and makes every lesson fun to attend. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning Business English."


Corporate Student

Please contact us for inquiries about our classes and rates.


Our Business English classes are designed to improve your team's communication skills in professional settings. 


These classes focus on industry-specific vocabulary, effective meeting participation, and confident client interactions, ensuring your team can navigate any business environment with ease.

Business English

Enhance your employees' ability to craft clear and professional business documents with our Business Writing classes.


From emails to reports, these classes cover essential writing techniques and best practices to ensure effective and efficient written communication in the workplace.

Business Writing

Our Public Speaking classes aim to build your team's confidence and effectiveness in delivering presentations and speeches.


These classes cover techniques for engaging an audience, structuring presentations, and overcoming public speaking anxiety, helping your employees become persuasive and dynamic speakers.

Public Speaking

Our General English classes provide a solid foundation in the language, focusing on all four key skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


These classes are ideal for employees who need to improve their overall English proficiency for both professional and everyday use, ensuring they can communicate effectively in any situation.

General English

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