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Commonly confused words in English

Learning foreign languages is not the easiest experience. Sometimes it feels like English gives us a hard time or trying to confuse.

However, I am here today to set things straight for you.

1. Advice/advise.

These are different words, can you imagine?

"Advice" is an uncountable noun.


I need some advice.

They gave me a lot of advice.

It's uncountable, so we CAN'T say "an advice", but we can say "a piece of advice".

Example: This is a helpful piece of advice.

"Advise" is a verb.


I advise you to visit this place sometime.

I advised him to see that movie.

2. Comfortable/convinient

These are both adjectives, but they have slightly different meanings.

"Comfortable" is about the physical comfort of somebody.


This chair is so comfortable!

Try this sofa. Is it comfortable?

"Convenient" means easy to get to or to use, suitable.


Can we meet at 6 pm? Is it convenient?

What time is convenient for you?

It’s very convenient living in the center of town.

3. Borrow/lend

These particular verbs can be super confusing.

You use "borrow" when you take something from somebody for a specific time.


Can I borrow your blouse for the party tonight?

He used to borrow money from everyone and never pay it back.

On the other hand, "lend" - is when you give something to someone for a short time, expecting to get it back eventually.


I don't like lending my personal stuff.

I lent him some money last week.

4. Remember/remind

"Remember" and "remind" are two verbs that are often confused.

The key distinction between the two is that "remember" is used when something is remembered or brought to mind.

Whereas "remind" is used when someone else prompts or brings something to our attention to help us remember it.


"I remember my childhood home," indicates that the speaker has memories of their childhood home that they can recall.

"Can you remind me to buy milk?" indicates that the speaker is asking someone else to remind them to remember to buy milk because they may forget if they are not reminded.

I sincerely hope this article was helpful. Please, don't be shy to leave your comments or suggestions below, if you want part two!


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