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Habits every English learner should have

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The process of learning English is not only about a teacher, or a textbook. It's important to understand that it's only 20% of the whole studying process. And 80% of the process and result is your hard and consistent work.

Here are a few habits that you could work out when learning English.

Consistent Practice.

Consistent practice is not only vital for learning English but all new subjects or languages. Do you have lessons twice a week? - Perfect!

However, don't forget to fill your life with English on a daily basis. I am going to discover more ways and opportunities how to do that in upcoming posts. So, keep up, and don't miss out on the new post!

Persistent practice will help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Having an Interest to Explore.

When you watch a movie or read an article in English, and you hear an unknown word or phrase - take some time to look it up in the dictionary.

If you don't want to interrupt the process, make a quick note and then ask your teacher during the lesson.

Your sincere interest will affect the learning process drastically, believe me! Vocabulary Building.

Make it a habit to look up and learn at least one new word every day. You can ask me, where can I get these new words every day? - I mentioned a few ideas in my post "How to learn vocabulary?".

However, I have one more idea. When learning new words, look for different versions of these words. For example, you have the verb "appear", you can also learn the verb "disappear", which is the opposite. Then you can find the noun "appearance". Now you have three different words from one.

Active Listening.

An important activity for enhancing your English is active listening. Try to concentrate on figuring out the meaning of the words and phrases said by English-speaking people.

This may involve paying attention to context, pronunciation, and manner. To improve speaking skills and deepen your comprehension, try repeating what you hear.

Writing Exercises.

Writing is a crucial skill for English language learners because it improves your grammar and vocabulary.

Make it a practice to write something every day, even if it's just a few phrases or a brief paragraph. Writing in a journal, sending emails, or even posting on social media are great examples of developing your writing skills.

Therefore, you will gradually develop, which could be a powerful motivation.

Set Weekly Goals.

Setting goals is a habit that every language learner needs to develop. You may keep motivated by tracking your progress when you set particular goals. For instance, you might decide to talk to a native English speaker once a month or to study a certain amount of new words each week.

Make sure your objectives are reasonable and attainable, and remember to appreciate your accomplishments along the way.

In conclusion, remember that your progress depends on various aspects. You can always ask for help from your teacher, friends, colleagues, etc. But the most important person is you! Learn English and enjoy the process together with EnglishWD!


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