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How to become a confident English speaker?

That is the question that bothers a lot of people. Of course, people will probably say, you need to learn grammar, vocabulary, and how to build sentences. But the question is still there, what if I know grammar and I am still not confident enough to speak?

It should be mentioned that when it comes to speaking, we can divide our confidence into inner and outer confidence.

The first thing people are going to mention about your speech is outer confidence. The main aspects here are:

  • How fluent you are;

  • How natural you sound;

  • How engaging your speech is;

  • How you use your body language (you don’t need extra moves or signs, use your body to help express your thoughts);

  • How good of a listener you are.

You’re probably surprised right now after reading the last point. I would’ve felt the same. Although, people appreciate it when they feel heard, so in order to be a good communicator you need to listen too!

Show your companion that you’re really interested in the topic. Share your ideas, engage in the conversation, and have an exciting discussion.


But don’t judge a book by its cover, because there’s another crucial matter - your inner confidence. It’s something weird that nobody sees, but everybody can feel. Let’s dive into this.

What helps you feel confident when it comes to speaking? I’m sure everyone has their own ways of dealing with that, but let me summarize it a bit. What is important:

  • Planning and rehearsing what you are going to talk about;

Practice makes perfect, right? Don’t skip this part, if you can prepare - better do it. It will boost your confidence and give you motivation. Practicing is the key.

  • Personalization of speech

It’s definitely easier to talk about something that bothers you personally. Think about how the topic can be related to you

  • Pronunciation and accuracy

It’s something that other people may not even notice, but can make you feel embarrassed or stressed.

  • Self-evaluation

Take some time to think of what went wrong, and how you could help it, constantly eliminating mistakes step by step. Point out your strengths and weaknesses, so that you understand what you need to work on the most.


There is no standardized way on how to become a confident English speaker. It would be perfect to try the different methods mentioned in this article or any others you can find, and then decide which of them works best for you.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes and trying something new!

If you're still having trouble communicating, check out our communication courses! Our teachers will be surely happy to help you!

What do you think is more important? Your opinion is important for us:)

  • Outer confidence

  • Inner confidence


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