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Where to find motivation for studying English?

My students sometimes tell me "I really need to learn English, but I don't seem to find the motivation to study. What should I do?". I didn't use to have an answer to this question. Let's discuss it.


It is scientifically proven that in order to stay motivated while studying you need to consider four key elements:

  • Belonging or connecting

  • Power or competence

  • Freedom

  • Fun

Today I want to talk about a FUN element.

Of course, the right goal is the key to success. BUT.. actually, I want to write about another aspect of this issue. In the studying process, it is important that you enjoy what you do. I have a few ideas of what to do to have a good time and learn English.


1. For music fans.

Songs are a great way to learn a couple of new words just by learning at least one song a day. And the most pleasant bonus of this method is pronunciation. Yes, not all performers pronounce the words correctly, but most of them are great.

After a while, you will realize that you no longer need the text, and in general, the meaning of the song is already clear.

2. For those who love to read.

There are many applications and sites where you can find "adapted" literature. You can choose books according to your level and interests. But you should not choose too complicated ones, because, translating every second word, you will soon get tired of it.

3. Your favorite movies and series.

My personal advice: try to rewatch a movie that you have already watched a hundred times. Home alone or Harry Potter, for example.

I'm sure you have already learned Home Alone by heart!

And most importantly, if you didn’t hear or understand something, don’t be upset. And it is not necessary to return to this episode. Perhaps this word or phrase will appear again and you will understand it from the context.

4. Social media.

Turn your daily TikTok or Instagram browsing into a productive direction. Well, not even very productive.

If you like funny videos - try watching them in English. If you like various tutorials - find foreign bloggers who make videos on this topic.

Travel videos will teach you how to pronounce geographical names correctly, which can often be a stumbling block.

As a result: you have a lot of passive vocabulary on topics that you like.

I still have a few more tips on how to captivate yourself with English. Since everyone likes different things, I will also touch on some other options.

5. Audiobooks are great for those who learn better by hearing. You can search on the Internet, you can download applications (Audible for example).

If you are not completely sure of yourself, start with a simple one, with fairy tales or short stories. Then gradually move on to more complex works.

6. Games. For everyone, but especially for teenage students.

Install the familiar game but in English. You can even change the language to your usual game, it will be even better.

7. Bonus tip.

If you like writing, start your own blog!

Write short posts in English on topics that you enjoy. Or on the topic, you recently discussed with your friends or a teacher. And don't be afraid of what your followers think of you. Life is too short for this!

Besides, English is not scary and not so difficult. Most importantly, let yourself enjoy it.


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