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Who is a 21st-century teacher?

I bet if you're an Eastern European like me - your image of a teacher is pretty conventional. They are controlling and strict, unwilling to answer your questions or even yelling.

However, the 21st century gave us a new generation of teachers. So who is the modern teacher?

They teach.

Their main goal is for you to gain knowledge on the subject. You can always ask questions on topics you don't understand.

If you need any additional explanation, don't be afraid to ask!

They use new technology.

They understand the importance of using technology to enhance the learning experience and are willing to explore new ways of teaching. However, only the type of technology that can have a great impact on the learner’s experience.

They study.

Nobody’s perfect, right? Modern educators are life-long learners. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve their teaching and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in education.

They are also open to feedback and are willing to make changes to their teaching style when necessary.

They understand.

The teacher is just a human after all, as well as the student. The modern teacher will always reschedule a lesson if you need.

They motivate.

I should make it clear. The teacher is not a life coach, unfortunately. Although, teachers can motivate their students through the lesson material, interesting topics, and their competence.

They're fun!

Yeah, I personally believe that having fun while studying is one of the most important parts of modern education. Modern teachers are passionate about their subject matter and strive to make learning fun and meaningful.

They are creative in their approach to teaching and use a variety of strategies to engage their students.

If you're looking for your perfect teacher, check our teachers' profiles and book a trial lesson with them. Good luck!

What do you look for in a teacher?

  • Excellent knowledge

  • Personal traits

  • Fun


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